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Catapultam Habeo: Feminism And Evo Psych






To say that feminism and evolutionary psychology have a “bad relationship” would be one of the greater understatements we could make. Unfortunately, the problem is equal parts bigotry and ignorance.

Evolutionary psychology is a relatively new field that examines things like memory, habits, and…

This would be a decent post if you didn’t lump all feminists together as holding those beliefs.

We’re not trying to be mean here, but you’re NAFALTing.

This is not even only about Feminism. People do this shit about plenty of things and it gets on my god damned nerves. I don’t understand why people think they can make posts generalizing thousands of people, claiming they have the same beliefs then try to defend their generalizations. Is it really so hard to make the distinction between “some” and “all?” Making posts like your OP is making “all” statements and that automatically invalidates your arguments. 

And the funny thing is that if I were to make a “men are rapists” or “men believe that gender roles should be concrete” post, you and others might be on it in a second. Tragic.

There’s a distinction between “some”, “all”, and “generally”. When someone refers to “feminism”, they’re usually speaking “generally”. In fact, the context of the post makes it very clear that PON was talking about feminism in general, and not all feminists.

“See, most of evolutionary psychology contradicts virtually all of mainstream feminist theory.  One example is a central tenet of almost all feminism: patriarchy theory. “

“The thing is, feminists don’t want people to understand this because if they did, the feminist movement would basically implode in on itself.  The movement relies on convenient myths and fabrication that stem from other convenient myths and fabrications, the vast majority of which are not supported by science, as well as evolutionary psychology. …  In the end, evolutionary psychology is an ally to the ones who truly want to bring about change and equity, and an enemy to the bigoted who only use the label of equality for their own selfish gain.

Unless you’re claiming feminism is necessarily bigoted, I’m not sure what your problem is here. And, no, pointing out that evo psych contradicts much of what feminism claims on fundamental levels does not necessarily mean feminism is bigoted, just that the conflict exists. PON went out of their way to say that not all feminists hold these beliefs. At least one of the editors currently identifies as a feminist.

And they would be on it, if only to point out that women are rapists too. I do find it interesting that you think the equivalent to “feminists” is “men”.


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What if I told you, that women contribute to the patriarchy too?

Hell, feminism even contributes to the patriarchy :\



People are so quick to throw the word racist around.

When I call someone out on cultural appropriation, I’m racist.

When a white person says I’m hairy as fuck, they’re not racist. No one says shit to them.

And people wonder why I hate white privilege…

“people are so quick to throw the word racist around. a white person called me hairy, what a racist”

I don’t get it… what on earth does amount of body hair have to do with race..?

On a lighter note, are there vampire otherkin?

Do they find movies and TV and literature about killing vampires to be oppressive? Do they find Castlevania oppressive?

Stuff on here/stuff I post on abunchofassholes is starting to get to me. It’s depressing. Really depressing.

"White-Identifying" and why I Hate It


Why I was in middle school, I had a black friend who was often called “chocolate-covered cracker” because she was black but “acted white”. It was primarily other black people who called her this, and she took it with good humor. It always struck me as odd as she was called this because she was intelligent and in honors classes, and the people who called her this were implying that black people are stupid and lazy. It came off as rather racist. To be fair, throwing around racial stereotypes was something that was rather common in my school seeing as it was the proverbial melting pot. Since I live less than an hour away from NYC, my town has a large mix of people from all different cultures.

At any rate, my friend now goes to a prestigious traditionally-Black school, so I guess the joke is on all the people who made fun of her back in the day.

And with that, I come to the “white identifying” that the SJWs on tumblr are so intent on throwing around. It does not seem fundamentally any different from calling my friend “chocolate-covered cracker”. It implies that there is an expected way for black people (because it always seems to happen to black people, this particular insult. I have seen to leveled at Latino people also, but not Asian because the tumblr SJW just seem to hate Asians right off the bat.) to behave and that any deviation from this results in a person who is a white person with dark skin.

It is especially used against mixed people, as I have seen. God forbid you have a family member who is white, because then we all know that you are really white identifying, despite any crap that you have gotten from your race before. I have always thought that the path to end racism was to deconstruct it. As in everybody learn about other people’s cultures to remove any sort of mysticism and fear. It is what my school did, and it seemed to work for the most part. There was some humor-based tension (for example, my Indian and Pakistani friends would occasionally pretend to hate each other based on the cultural history. They didn’t really, they were just making light of a horrible situation that their respective countries are in.), and there were some genuine racists (those people I avoided. The most racist person I knew was an Indian girl who was under the impression that Latino people were stupid. She was an Indian supremacist, who constantly berated people who were not Indian for not being as smart as she was.) because there will always be people who hate others for their race. The best you can do is make it so those people are not the norm, and are treated as the awful people they are (and this includes anybody who hates anybody else because of their race).

I try to limit posting about race, so expect the regularly scheduled men’s issues. This has been eating at me for a while.

Male Parody


When social justice promoters (and some feminists) people speak of male privilege in society, I always wonder which type of men they are referring to. Are they talking about the…

  • Large percentage of short men who are statistically found to be sexually undesirable to large numbers of women, suffer from depression and anxiety due to their height, and are viewed as less capable than men of average height. Taller men earn more in business, are vastly more popular in politics, and so on.
  • The 243,620 men who will die of cancer in the united states this year, compared to  182,670 women, yet who still receive much less cancer research funding, less in charity donations, etc.
  • The large number of homosexual males and who have been psychologically damaged by religious upbringing or abuse, explicitly forced to hide their sexuality, and ignored or removed from the workplace?
  • The male-bodied people who are transgender/gender queer? Men who are obese? Those who begin balding in their teenage years? The percentage of men who have hormonal failure and never physically masculinize? The men who were born with female bodies? The males with micro-penis or ambiguous sex organs?

In my view, a lot of people like to use “male” as an all-encompassing, yet vague enemy archetype. When you actually look into what a “man” is, it should become quite clear that there is an incredibly high degree of variation among those who invoke the label (or have the label forced up them).

The only honest way to present the idea of “male privilege” is to say that certain, socially popular types of males have certain types of privileges that other types of specific people do not have. Of course, when one is after sensationalism, that sort of intellectual honesty never crosses one’s mind.

I am overly confused by this whole cultural appropriation thing.

What *is* cultural appropriation? What isn’t it? I’m seeing SJWs everywhere freaking out over dreadlocks and bindis and I just… I just don’t get it.



I swear if I see another person using the “you’re tone policing me!” excuse to try to justify harassment and death threats I will do an aerobatic fucking pirouette off every handle.

Yes, tone policing is a problem. However, it is not what you think it is.
Tone policing is automatically discounting a person’s opinions/arguments simply because they said it with emotion.

I’m not disqualifying your opinions/arguments. My calling you out on harassing/threatening to kill people has nothing to do with whatever provoked it.

I respect your opinion, and I respect that you’re emotional about it, and I have fucking shit tone of respect for the amount of passion you have for it.

However, regardless of what this person has done, and regardless of how fucking angry it made you, and how passionate you are about the issue at hand,

That never justifies harassment and death threats

It’s not tone policing to call you out on abuse
It’s holding you accountable for your actions 

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